AMETEK Land showcases the latest temperature measurement solutions to ensure consistent container glass quality

AMETEK Land has released a new guide to help container glass manufacturers achieve the most consistent product quality.

The production process for container glass has several critical points where accurate and reliable temperature measurements are key, from thermal imaging of the melt tank to temperature measurements in the forehearth to monitor the cooling in the annealing process.

A new application note identifies each of these key locations and specifies the best measurement solutions that can be applied for temperature, gas analysis, opacity monitoring, and combustion efficiency.

It also outlines the benefits of these measurements for efficiency, quality, damage prevention, and environmental compliance.

AMETEK Land has provided proven solutions throughout the container glass production process for more than 70 years, delivering the measurements that support an efficient process and high-quality product.

Based around infrared technology, these devices deliver non-contact measurements. This means there is no contamination or interference with the process, nor any seeding or bubbling. Additionally, these devices include fixed, fibre-optic, and portable thermometers.

Among the solutions detailed are the SPOT range of fully featured, high-performance pyrometers — available in a range of operating wavelengths, temperature ranges, and process requirements — and the LWIR-640 long-wavelength thermal imager, which provides a full temperature measurement range of 0 to 1000 oC (32 to 1832 oF) in two ranges with a choice of different optics and fields of view.

Along with the pyrometers is the NIR-B-2K-Glass borescope thermal imaging camera, specifically developed by AMETEK Land to return precise temperature measurements in glass furnace applications. Finally, the Cyclops C100L handheld portable pyrometer is also featured, which is designed to provide accurate, point-and-measure temperature readings between 600 and 3000 °C (1112 to 5432 °F).

Philippe KERBOIS, Global Industry Manager – Glass, said: “Our specifically designed instruments provide accurate results at key locations throughout the process, meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability. This application note will support glass manufacturers in finding the right solutions to suit their own application and achieve a cleaner, safer, more efficient process that ensures a consistent product.”

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