Alrad Instruments is now in its 45th year

It was back in 1970 that Douglas Alderton started a UK company to distribute a range of scientific and radiation detection products. The company was originally known as Wenzel Electronics UK and based in Egham, Surrey. In 1976 the company changed its name to Alrad Instruments Ltd and was now able to extend its product range to cover a wider range of products including camera related products. In 1980 the company moved to new larger premises in Newbury and this allowed further expansion over the years and the company has now three distinct trading divisions ALRAD IMAGING, ALRAD ELECTRONICS and ALRAD PHOTONICS. The company has always been at the forefront of technology offering the latest industrial, scientific and research products to the British market. Today ALRAD offers products from 80 companies who are experts in their fields. The suppliers we use are all vetted though our in-house quality management system which is recognized by ISO9001 certification through Lloyds. It still remains a family managed company with Graham and Ian Alderton at the helm. Our products today include industrial imaging, machine vision, optical detectors and laser diode projectors. The company has always recognised the importance of supporting leading trade associations and is a member of UKIVA and PPMA. Ian Alderton was recently appointed Chairman of the UKIVA.

ELDIM announce new wide angle analyser inspection system for micro display testing

ELDIM is a leading French company involved in test and measurement systems.

The new ELDIM XSP system is designed as a fully automated micro analysis system ideal for detecting small defects in micro displays. It is based on the company’s XSCope and is ideal for use in R&D labs as well as QA or small production lines.

A video explaining this new system can be found on our website at

Sentech CMOS HD-SDI output camera offers a compact solution for direct connection to a monitor

In some vision inspection applications images do not need to be captured by a frame grabber and images stored on a computer. Sometimes operators need to only view images on a monitor. The Sentech STC-HD203SDI offers a compact and easy to use system for direct monitor connection.  The STC-HD203SDI is the first Sentech CMOS HD Digital output cased camera, ideal for applications requiring direct-connect monitor viewing with High Definition resolution. This CMOS based camera outputs a true HD 1080p, 16×9 image at 60fps. It also features the capability to program 28 individual DSP profiles and has a programmable on-camera push-button for manual control. The STC-HD203SDI also boasts an ultra-compact size of 40 (W) x 40 (H) x 51.1 (D) mm.

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Pearson Electronics is the original and leading manufacturer for precision current-monitoring transformers used for accurate AC current measurements.

The company was founded in 1955 by Dr. Paul Pearson, inventor and patent holder, of the precision wide-band current transformer.  The Pearson design plus careful workmanship and quality control produce current monitors with excellent frequency response and amplitude accuracy. Originally developed for measuring pulse-currents, Pearson Current Monitors™ are now also widely used to measure more complicated transients and periodic signals from a few Hertz to well into the megaHertz region.

Pearson Electronics has long been considered the market leader in the design and manufacturing of Wide-Band Current Transformers used for accurate AC current measurements. Pearson Current Transformers can measure transients, harmonics, pulse, sine-wave, RF and other complex current wave shapes. A frequency range from 0.7 Hz to 350 MHz is covered, with our most popular model covering 1 Hz to 20 MHz ± 3 dB. 1% accuracy, or better, is obtainable over the mid-band. The current range is from micro-amps to kilo-amps and we manufacture both toroid and clamp-on Current Transformers. We stock a large variety of models for immediate delivery and design and manufacture for both OEM and custom requirements.

Pearson Electronics also specializes in the design of High Voltage Pulse Transformers that are used with high power microwave tubes and Capacitive
Voltage Dividers. These transformers employ open construction and are intended to be used in high voltage insulating oil. Pulse output voltages range from 100kV to 500kV with pulse lengths from 0.25 to 50 microseconds.

Alrad has been UK distributor for Pearsons for nearly 40 years and is one of longest serving product supply partners

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