ACOEM expands its smart cities presence through acquisition of Air Monitors

ACOEM Group has accelerated its international expansion plans with the acquisition of Air Monitors, the exclusive distribution partner of ECOTECH products in the United Kingdom.

Google Street View cars and 100 AQMesh hyperlocal air quality monitoring pods from Air Monitors are mapping London’s air pollution as part of the Breathe London

Air Monitors represents many of the world’s leading environmental technology manufacturers and is recognised by leading government and industry bodies for its expertise in air quality monitoring technologies that help determine the impact of air pollution.

Jim Mills, founder and managing director of Air Monitors , was instrumental in the recent implementation of an air quality monitoring program in London, described by C40 Cities as ‘the world’s most sophisticated air quality monitoring system’. The Breathe London initiative, launched in January 2019, is a world- first project using AQMesh hyperlocal small sensor air quality monitoring technology to map air pollution levels and collate detailed analytical data to better understand the issue.

Mills commented: “I look forward to working with more cities to plan and deliver similar environmental monitoring initiatives for which there is an enormous need and growing demand.”

ACOEM Group has grown to become a world leader in environmental monitoring solutions, having merged in 2017 with Australian company ECOTECH, a globally recognised leader in air quality monitoring. ECOTECH has had a relationship with Air Monitors Ltd for more than 15 years, leading to its exclusive distribution partnership.

The business expansion allows ACOEM, now reaching more than 100 M€ turnover, to continue its mission of protecting the environment using a complementary air, noise and vibration product portfolio, and deep expertise in delivering significant projects that help smart cities, companies and public authorities reduce their environmental impact.

Felicity Sharp, who joined ECOTECH in 2006 and has been head of ECOTECH Europe since 2018, will step into the role of managing director.

“This is an exciting time for ACOEM as we continue to support our ECOTECH customers and boost our UK market presence under the wider ACOEM product and service offering,” said Felicity Sharp.

Air Monitors founder and managing director Jim Mills will work closely with Air Monitors as part of the ACOEM Environment team, continuing to build on the smart cities strategy for the organisation globally.

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