Accurate, real-time readings from analogue utility meters

Collecting accurate, real-time data from analogue meter displays is a well-recognised challenge for the water and energy industries and failure to do so has an adverse impact across the entire supply chain. Deer Technology is proud to offer the answer to this problem – an analogue to digital solution that turns an existing meter into a smart meter, cost- effectively and with no downtime. An image of the meter register and corresponding time- and date-stamped data value is immediately available via a secure online database. Along with potential cost and environmental savings, the LimpetReader is uniquely classified as a manual read for regulatory purposes.

Key benefits of the LimpetReader:

  • Can be fitted to water and other utility meters
  • Retrofitting and the integrated battery eliminates the cost of smart meter rollout and the need for mains power
  • No disruption to supply with typical secure fitting time around 15 minutes – benefits customers and suppliers
  • Real-time, photographic meter readings along with date and time stamped data value ensures accurate billing
  • Billing in real time – no more estimated bills so fewer customer complaints with a more efficient payment system and the potential for better customer retention and growth
  • Allows the customer to choose their own read frequency
  • Limits human intervention – cutting out the need to attend site to read meters cuts costs and reduces your companies carbon footprint
  • When used on water meters, the LimpetReader can help users profile data and detect leaks
  • Enables the user to see spikes in usage, helping consumers monitor and reduce their energy consumption, saving them money and lessening their impact on the environment
  • Tried-and-tested, happy customers – The National Trust said: “The LimpetReader is a great solution and gives us accurate meter reads and, importantly, we are only paying for what we use.”

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