ABB to deliver major efficiencies for 630MW power plant in Mugla, Turkey

ABB has signed a contract with Yatagan Termik Santrali Enerji Uretim A.S., one of the biggest independent power producers in Turkey. ABB will provide critical integrated control, cyber security and automation technology to Yatagan Power Plant located at Mugla site, which produces 630MW of power to homes and businesses in the south-western part of the country.

The plant will deploy ABB’s automation technology in order to generate significant improvements in efficiency, greater flexibility around energy output and an ability to decrease outputs when  demand decreases.  The modernisation project, which has begun, will see the implementation of a new  distributed control system (DCS), ABB Ability System 800xA for plant and turbine control.

ABB will  also provide electrical integration solutions and a high-speed busbar transfer system over IEC61850  protocol.

ABB’s technology will help ensure compliance with European environmental regulations, as well as  Primary Frequency Control (PFC) regulation. Built-in data connectivity means that the plant’s systems are future proofed and will enable the seamless integration of further digitalisation solutions, such as  advanced analytics or industrial AI.

In addition, ABB Cyber Security Workplace will reinforce the plant’s existing cyber security capabilities, which is of particular importance to critical plants within Turkey’s energy infrastructure. ABB will also provide assistance with plant performance and maintenance through a three-year service contract.

Korhan Tirkyaki, General Manager of Yatagan Plant said: “As a leading DCS supplier across the energy industry, ABB is well placed to support us as we work to make this plant more efficient, reduce its environmental impact and ensure regulatory compliance. We are further investing in ABB’s expertise to support us with plant performance, maintenance and aftercare to ensure the efficiencies we are driving are consistent, impactful and have longevity.”

Danilo Moresco at ABB added: “Our automation and control technologies help energy producers on their journey towards low-carbon energy production. Reducing the environmental impact of existing, older coal-fired plants, by delivering significant efficiencies – essentially generating more power with less fuel – is a major part of how we help customers to reduce the impact of their operations.

“At a time of growing cyber security risk, we are also helping to shore up the cyber security capabilities of this Turkish plant, a hugely important consideration for any power plant.”

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