A climate control solution for small enclosures

New from Rittal is a thermostatic electric cooler, designed to accurately control the temperature to ±1K in small enclosures. Compact, lightweight and low vibration, this provides 100W of both heating and cooling and is suited for command panels and support arm systems.

The unit may be fitted either externally or, if space around the enclosure is at a premium, internally, leaving only 55mm protruding outside. It can also be installed horizontally or vertically on the wall or door of the cabinet, and its optional master/slave adaptor can be used to connect multiple units, providing a truly scalable, modular solution.

According to the company, Peltier technology requires no refrigerant or chilled water to function – an electrical power supply is all that is needed. The range consists of only two units, a DC and an AC variant, which accept 24V DC and 100-230V AC power supplies respectively.

The only moving parts of the products are fans which move air across either side of the solid state element to reduce the risk of component failure.

Supplied complete with a USB cable and software, both set up and monitoring of operational parameters may be carried out with ease, explains the company.


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