8-Channel USB-powered multi-sensor measurement module

Data Translation’s DT9829 is truly a multi-purpose tool for mobile measurement applications that require high accuracy data acquisition. This USB-powered data acquisition device offers 8 inputs for direct connection of an array of different sensor types, eliminating the need of any additional signal conditioning accessory. The DT9829 supports temperature sensors like any thermocouples, platinum RTD’s and thermistors as well as bridge-based sensors, typically used for strain gauge measurements or load cells. In addition measurement of voltage (±10 V), current (±25 mA) and resistance (0 to 200 kOhm) is supported on any of the 8 analog inputs.

The revolutionary thing about the DT9829 is that no additional power supply is required to run the measurements. Only one USB cable between the DT9829 and your PC is required. The DT9829 features ultra-high 24-bit resolution, 500V galvanic isolation to the PC and isolation to the digital I/O ports. 4 isolated digital inputs and 4 digital outputs are provided for control tasks. With the included free QuickDAQ data logger software, all the settings for each channel and sensor type are completed in a few moments and the system is ready to measure. The DT9829 comes with the DT Open Layer devices drivers, providing programming libraries for .NET and C/C++ as well as drivers for popular tools like LabVIEW, MATLAB, DASYLab, DIAdem, and many more.



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