797PCP Pump Systems for Continuous Volumetric Dispensing of 1K and 2K fluids

  • These new pumps provide a highly controlled volumetric dispensing of one-part and two-part fluids
  • These new pumps of Nordson EFD offer precise, repeatable 1K and 2K fluid volumes as small as 0.01 mL per revolution with deposit volume tolerances equal to +/- 1%
  • The design of the 797PCP is based on the progressive cavity principal where its core components — a rotor and stator — form a perfectly sealed metering chamber. As it rotates, the pump allows continuous volumetric dispensing that is unaffected by external factors such as changes in viscosity, fluctuating fluid pressure, and the full-to-empty effect in syringe barrels.
  • Both the standard and 2K pumps work best when controlled by either 7197PCP-DIN or ValveMate 7197PCP controllers allowing for precise adjustment of dispensing parameters. The DIN rail version offers an intuitive web-based interface. The ValveMate version offers an intuitive touchscreen interface.


Contact details

Nordson U.K. – EFD Division

Dunstable, U.K.

Phone +44 (0) 1582 666334


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