6X: VEGA’s simple formula for bulk level indication

A new era in bulk solids level sensing with VEGAPULS6X non-contact radar sensors.

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With VEGAPULS 6X, VEGA “re-thinks” radar. The result: A new radar level sensor that can measure in virtually every conceivable bulk-solids application. The time when users had to choose their level instrument from a multitude of options are history.

Traditionally, the search for a suitable bulk solids level sensor begins by thinking about questions like: what solution would be best for my application? How can I ensure I choose the correct and most reliable device for a successful outcome for my project? Of course non-contact radar offers great answers for these questions.

The customer already knows their own applications, the details of product properties and process they want measured or controlled; temperature ranges involved, standards needed to be met and installation fittings that are available. But, until now, choosing a radar-based level instrument could be a laborious, time consuming and stressful task, matching these process details to myriad radar frequencies, model numbers, part numbers and options on offer.

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Now this selection process is being simplified by VEGA. With its new VEGAPULS 6X: one device for all and a new selection and ordering method that is customer-application focused. Just enter the process and mechanical information and it enables complete, correct configuration and even pre-calibration of the specific sensor required – for any application, whether for liquids or bulk solids.

“Ultimately, it’s not the sensor that counts, but what the users can achieve with it in their individual processes,” says Florian Burgert, who, as a product manager, has been closely involved in product development from the very beginning. “Just knowing that they’ve chosen the best possible measurement solution and that they’ll reach their goal faster with it, makes a big difference in their everyday operations.”

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Over 1 million radar instruments in use worldwide. The success story of today’s world market leader in radar level measurement began 30 years ago. In the meantime, VEGA’s sensors have optimized millions of industrial processes. The story includes milestones such as the world’s first two-wire radar instrument, the first dedicated bulk-solids radar and a world-leading 80-GHz non-contact radar for solids level measurement, which revolutionised radar level sensor performance for customers. Behind these successes are the many people who share a common passion: “At VEGA we don’t do a hundred different things, we concentrate on what we do best: Radar.”, says product manager Jürgen Skowaisa, speaking for all of them.

All-round protection

The new VEGAPULS 6X offers the best that is technically feasible today: a self-diagnosis system that immediately detects damage or interference, that ensures significantly high availability and safety, it also has new radar-chip technology, with expanded application possibilities, better than ever performance and simpler operation.

The radar features SIL certification, and compliance with the latest cyber-security standard IEC 62443-4-2, which meets the strict requirements for secure communication and access control.

The value lies in making it easier for users to select their device and monitor their industrial processes. The ultimate purpose of VEGAPULS 6X is just that – maximum simplification – one sensor that can handle virtually any application.

In the future, the customer will no longer have to worry about the technology, model numbers, frequency or instrument version. In many cases, all application-specific settings can be made in VEGAPULS 6X before it leaves the factory, so it’s just left for the user to install, connect, done: It doesn’t get any simpler.

More information available at www.vega.com/radar



With VEGAPULS 6X, VEGA has turned the traditional way of choosing an instrument inside out: There is now only one radar sensor – suitable for all applications.

The new radar level sensor VEGAPULS 6X is the result of 30 years of experience and over 1 million sensors in use worldwide.



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