6 Channel Temperature relay for Temperature protection and monitoring via Ethernet as standard.

Temperature Relays TR660IP monitor up to 6 sensors for up to 7 limits. Different sensors can be connected at the same time, e.g. Pt 100 (RTD) and PTC thermistors. Typical applications are monitoring of motors, generators, or transformers. Another application is the use as a two or more step controller with additional monitoring of over- or under temperature or monitoring of differences in temperatures of 2 sensors.

The TR660IP can be bought with 2 analogue outputs to eliminate the need for a temperature transducer on the circuit or with RS485 for communication to a management system. The TR660IP comes as standard with ethernet connectivity.

Pre-set programs allow easy setting e.g. monitoring of transformers with/without monitoring of temperature of core or with/without controlling a ventilator.

Operation can be made at the device or with a standard browser via Ethernet.

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