Datron Technology Stands 10 & 11

Datron Technology Ltd are suppliers of automotive test equipment for autonomous, vehicle dynamics and validation applications such as ADAS, coast-down and brake testing.

From RTK ground-truth systems, to driving robots, NCAP crash targets, dataloggers, CAN modules and sensors, Datron Technology can offer a solution for almost any type of testing.

We will be showing the following products at the Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing show:

Ultrasonic fluid flow measurement

The FlowSonic® HF ultrasonic sensor from Sentronics represents a breakthrough in fluid flow measurement technology for automotive engines of every type.

The FlowSonic HF has been designed for the high-volume fuel, oil, and coolant flow conditions found in heavy-duty commercial and industrial vehicle powerplants.

Its precision makes the HF an ideal tool for efficiency-focused R&D as well as emissions testing.

There is also an LF version of the sensor available for ultra low-volume fuel flow conditions found in today’s high-efficiency road car engines.

Driving robots, guided soft target platforms and drive-by-wire systems

New for 2019 will be a live demonstration showing the synchronised interaction between an AB Dynamics controlled vehicle (using their new Flex-0 drive-by-wire system) and their LaunchPad platform which represents Vulnerable Road Users (such as cyclists) for ADAS and autonomous vehicle validation.

The award-winning Flex-0 controller offers many of the advantages of driving robots, such as accurate path-following and use of the patented Synchro choreography. Instead of mechanical actuators, it controls the vehicle via CAN or Ethernet messages.

LaunchPad is a pilotable platform designed to carry Vulnerable Road User (VRU) targets for ADAS development and testing. This includes pedestrian, cyclist and moped dummies.

The chassis is robust enough to cope with being driven over by a vehicle. Like the GST, it allows the creation of paths and speed control profiles, enabling the next generation of ADAS tests.

LaunchPad uses Synchro and path following technology to enable precise choreography with the subject vehicle.

Telemetry Systems

For measurements on rotating components, imc offers modern telemetry systems for a wide variety of applications: from single-channel torque monitoring of a rotating shaft, multi-channel strain gauge and temperature measurements on a train wheel-set or non-contact power measurement on a vehicle drivetrain in harsh environments. There are transmission electronics available for a large variety of sensors, such as strain gauge (quarter-, half- and full-bridge), thermocouples, PT100/1000, as well as IEPE sensors and voltage signals.

The new, fibre-optic CAN measurement module imc CANSAS-FBG-T8 makes testing in high-voltage environments safer and easier. Thanks to the optical measurement technology, the measuring point and the instrument are fully decoupled.

At eight optical inputs, the module can measure temperatures on arbitrary electrical levels using specially developed sensors with fibre Bragg grating technology (FBG), output via CAN.

Complete automotive testing solutions

Race Technology have put together a complete testing solution combining the high accuracy, low latency vehicle speed and attitude measurements from the SPEEDBOX-INS with the flexible data logging abilities of the new DL2 data logger. The DASH4PRO connects to either unit and will display measured parameters from both the SPEEDBOX-INS and the DL2. The system offers the flexibility of being able to use the DASH4PRO to display summary test data and to edit test start and end parameters without the need for a laptop computer. All the test results are presented live on the DASH4PRO display, and logged on the DL2’s memory card for post test analysis.


Inertial Navigation Systems

Multiple target ADAS measurement solution

The RT-Range S can be used for accurate measurement of the relative motion and range of up to four target vehicles from a vehicle under test (VuT) or Hunter. Vehicle-to-vehicle measurements are computed over a 1 km range. The system can also precisely measure position relative to lane markings and up to 60,000 surveyed feature points e.g. traffic signals. Measurements are displayed in real-time and output over CAN in the Hunter vehicle. The RT-Range S is used globally for objective validation of camera, radar and LiDAR sensors as well as ADAS testing for braking, lane departure warning and collision avoidance systems. The system can measure range to four targets simultaneously, including vehicles, soft targets, pedestrian dummies or nearby objects.

OxTS inertial navigation systems have an established track record when it comes to vehicle dynamics testing. The one-box solutions seamlessly blend GNSS and inertial measurements to provide position, slip angle, orientation, velocity and acceleration at up to 250 Hz. They provide excellent accuracy and most importantly, repeatability. As well as storing data internally, our automotive products also interface via CAN and Ethernet. Each system can also be configured to displace its measurements, removing the need to mount the sensor at the required measurement point and reducing the installation time.


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