3.3v graphic display with SPI / I²C interface + touch-screen option

MMS Electronics Ltd has available an exceptionally versatile line of alphanumeric and graphic displays for use in industrial, commercial and battery powered applications. 12 different COG/DOG display sizes to choose from. The latest addition to the popular DOG display family is EA DOGXL240-7 with 240×128 pixels. The module size is 94×67 mm with view area of 90×47 mm (3.9”). A display this size can easy show 6 line of 40 characters or 8 lines of 20 large characters.

This display has a low current consumption of 900 µA making it ideal for battery powered applications. The EA DOGXL240W-7 and EA DOGXL240N-7 with FSTN pos. technology are readable without backlight.

For applications where a backlight is required these DOG display are simply plugged into the LED backlight modules. Four colours are available white, amber and a dual green/red LED backlight. The dual backlight option is ideal for applications where a green (normal) or red (warning) status indication is required.

The display height is 2.8 mm high (without the backlight) and 6.4 mm including the LED backlight. The display can be soldered directly into the PCB or plugged into a 2.54 mm pitch socket. There is no need for screws, spacers or connecting leads, saving assembly time and cost.

FSTNpos, FSTNneg, STNpos and STNneg technology and four different backlights colours are available. Twelve variations of this display can be created by selecting the display glass and backlights.  For example we can supply from stock with no MOQ a black display with green or red characters. Partnumber: EA DOGXL240S-7 + EA LED94x67-GR.

The EA DOGXL240-7 uses the UC1611S display controller with graphics RAM and SPI / I²C interface. Contrast setting is software adjustable but only needs to be set once. The contrast is kept constant over the entire temperature range with the integrated temperature circuit. Operating temperature for the display is -20°C to +70°C.

For touch-screen function there is a 4-wire analogue resistive touch-screen EA TOUCH240-3 that is mounted directly onto the display. We recommend to use an LED backlight for best readability when using the touch-screen.

Download from www.mmselectronics.co.uk the DOG-simulator and experiment with all possible display and backlight combinations on your desktop. The DOG-simulator tool also communicates to the EA 9780-3USB demo board. Without any programming text or bitmaps are dragged into the simulator and shown on the display. Text typed in the editor is immediately displayed on the connected display.  The EA 9780-3USB test board can be used with all available alphanumeric or graphic DOG displays.  

To help the developer create font header tables for the display MMS Electronics has available font generator software on a memory stick. The EA USBSTICK-FONT software can generate Cyrillic, Greek and Arabic fonts.   When the EA 9780-3USB demo board is connected to the computer with the software then the characters in the selected font is shown on the DOG display.

There are a further 12 displays sizes in the EA DOG display series with 4 bit, 8bit, SPI and I²C interface. Alphanumeric displays in 1×8, 2×10, 4×10, 2×16, 3×16 and 4×20  (Lines x Char) and many graphic displays.   See www.mmselectronics.co.uk/lcddog.htm further details.

As part of the “Arduino meets DOG” campaign MMS Electronics supplies Arduino compatible display shields. Developers have free-of-charge access to all of the documentation required to connect a DOG displays to an Arduino. The support package includes circuit diagrams, EAGLE PCB layouts, component placements and sample programs for operating the display on an Arduino Uno.

MMS Electronics Ltd is an authorised distributor for Electronic Assembly Gmbh / Display Vison, IcNexus, Storm keypads, Smartec sensor and Excelera frequency products.

Display products include: Dot matrix LCD, TFT, OLED, ePAPER modules, DOG chip-on-glass, wireless displays, eDIP intelligent displays, Windows, Linux and Android OS displays with I2C, serial and USB interface, display bezels, serial and USB interface boards, analogue and resistive touch-screens and keypads.

Please contact MMS Electronics Ltd with your display or sensor enquiries.

Part numbers mentioned in this article:

EA LED94x67-W
EA LED94x67-A
EA LED94x67-GR
EA 9780-3USB

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