24 Hour Gas Detection Calibration Service

A 24 hour calibration service is ideal for companies that require a fast calibration service because their gas detection instruments are in constant use and cannot afford the downtime of instruments being sent offsite for too long.

a1-cbiss now offer an express 24 hour calibration service which means that you will have your instruments returned much quicker than using a standard service.

a1-cbiss provide you with a complete support package, including:

  • Factory trained industry specialists who can provide full service, repair & calibration  
  • Low prices – Confined Space Monitor Calibration from £25
  • Fast turnaround times – 24 Hour service now available
  • Approved service centre for popular manufacturers  – Honeywell, Industrial Scientific, Tyco
  • Managed calibration service with automatic schedule reminders

Why and how often do I need to calibrate my instruments?

A regular calibration program will ensure your instrument gives correct readings. a1-cbiss recommend that your instruments should be calibrated and serviced every 6 months regardless of how often they are used.

In between factory calibrations, the performance and accuracy of your instrument can change due to sensor drift, if the instrument gets knocked or the affect of the conditions that the instrument is subject to during its use.

Alternatively, if you can’t afford the downtime of sending equipment offsite or if equipment is too large to send, a1-cbiss can perform service and calibration at your site


Click here to Download Latest Calibration Brochure

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