15% Discount on self-contained portable hygrometers – limited time offer

MDM50 and Easidew Portable from Michell Instruments

Controlling moisture is critical for many applications, saving companies £1000s on energy consumption and avoiding maintenance costs due to damage by corrosion. Order before end of July 2020 and receive 15% off standard price.

Michell’s portable hygrometers are designed for tough, industrial conditions:

  • Fast responding – down to -60 °C dew point in less than 3 minutes
  • Long operation for practical use in the field – over 16 hours of use on a single charge
  • Practical and convenient – fully self-contained sampling connections
  • Trusted – use the same sensing technology as Michell’s online analysers


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Key applications and industries:

  • Ensuring efficiency of compressed air dryers
  • Quality checks on oxygen and nitrogen gas generators
  • Safety checks on railway pneumatics
  • Plastic moulding dryers for product quality
  • Quality and integrity of products in additive manufacturing processes
  • Instrument air quality and safety

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