MTS equips renowned automotive institute for advanced vehicle performance evaluation

MTS Systems Corporation has announced the commissioning of an MTS Flat-Trac Handling Roadway at FKFS, a globally renowned automotive research and development institute. FKFS will deploy the roadway to enable faster evaluation of vehicle performance during innumerable real-world driving scenarios.

The Flat-Trac Handling Roadway is a state-of-the-art multiaxial simulation system, engineered to subject complete or partial automobiles to a full spectrum of maneuvers—ranging from everyday driving to highly dynamic events—in the safety of controlled and repeatable laboratory settings.

“Rapidly increasing vehicle complexity, the advent of autonomous and electric cars and intensifying global competition pose significant challenges for today’s vehicle dynamicists,” states Dr. Jeffrey Graves, MTS president and CEO. “The Flat-Trac Handling Roadway will provide FKFS and their customers a more agile, laboratory-based approach to mobility research and development, helping them assess and validate vehicle performance and new technologies far more quickly than with conventional proving ground methods alone.”

“The ability to simulate proving ground testing accurately in the laboratory enables us to initiate functional verification of a vehicle earlier in development, paving the way for more efficient proving ground testing and streamlined final validation,” says Dr.-Ing. Jens Neubeck, Head of Automotive Technology and Driving Dynamics at FKFS. “The MTS Roadway will play a critical role in establishing a more holistic development environment for testing emerging automotive technologies: the ability to engage with other lab-based systems and vehicle models using hybrid simulation will help accelerate ADAS (Advanced Driver Assisted System) validation and expedite exploration of swiftly evolving electric and autonomous vehicle technologies.”

FKFS will debut the Flat-Trac Handling Roadway and other newly acquired technologies at its upcoming TI3 2019: Next Generation of Testing & Innovation program on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at its facility on the University of Stuttgart campus. Dr. Graves will be among the featured presenters.

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